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    Nicole Rivlin –

    "I grew up in France, admiring great architecture and art, in awe of my country's history and monuments. My first job, at the Rivoli, in Strasbourg, was the best introduction to the finest in interior design and accessories of the time. Subsequently, I have lived in and spent a great deal of time in some of the greatest cities of the world; Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Tokyo, always an eager student of the arts and design. My love of design and the urging of friends and family led me to launch Décor Aid in 2001. It has been, and continues to be, my greatest joy to help clients find their own style thereby making each project truly unique."

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    Portland Waterfront Condo



    Northwest Kitchen Remodel


    Bauer Woods Home


    Bauer Crest Estates – NW Portland


    Northwest Portland Home


    Forest Heights ? NW Portland


    Bauer Crest Estates (2)


    Bauer Oaks


    Goose Hollow


    Forest Heights Townhome


    Rock Creek


    Murray Hill Beaverton

  • Client Comments

    Lili E - January 2016
    You made our home our home and we will forever be thankful to you.

    Liza M - August 2015
    I love the photo of my fabric being quilted, it is a beautiful spread. We love all the fabrics you found for us. Our New York environment is perfect.

    Joan S - December 2015
    I wanted to thank you for your assistance in color choices for our townhouse here at Claremont. I am sending along pictures of the finished product. All the colors work out superbly and are perfect for all the rooms. Love the accent wall up in the loft ; similar to the upstairs hall on Ironwood.

    Linda W - December 2015
    We think of you often with thanks for creating our condo décor, which we still enjoy, 8 years later.

    Nancy C - July 2014
    I was so bored with my Living Room but did not want a major expenditure. Nicole moved things around, gave me permission to move my TV into the Living Room and voila...a more inviting and welcoming room where I have already been spending much more of my time. I love it! Thank you for the vision.

    Liza M - July 2014
    The couch is perfect and the chair is sooo... comfortable and looks totally amazing. You really should come to see your wonderful work in New York. We are very pleased with the whole room.

    Sharon W - March 2014
    We should have asked you to stay longer. As soon as you left, we moved the table and settee as you suggested and the new arrangement looks perfect. I feel like great progress has been made and we're very appreciative for your expertise.

    Rick T - Feb 2014
    We had 26 neighbors for wine and appetizers a few nights ago and "your" Living Room worked wonderfully well.

    Meagan G - Feb 2014 —responding to a request from Houzz website
    I worked with Nicole for approximately two years, decorating two houses in Cedar Mill OR. The experience far exceeded my expectations. Being a novice decorator myself, Nicole welcomed my input and even took me along on many forays into fabric and furniture selection, as she understood I would enjoy the process a great deal. She graciously considered my inquiries and opinions and gently steered me away from mistakes and generously patted me on the back when I identified a suitable fabric or decor item. The results were exactly what I hoped for, even better, and I still love my home's decoration though the project was completed several years ago.

    In addition to providing her clients with an education in the world of home decorating, Nicole also assists couples in identifying their tastes and their budget. She is even adept at helping to settle differences in vision when a couple don't agree at first! Honestly, my prior attempts at decorating can't begin to hold up to the professional, truly lovely results achieved by hiring Nicole of Decor Aid.

    Elaine C - Feb 2014
    I've been meaning to tell you for ages how much we enjoy living in our home with all of its comfortable furnishings...made possible by working with you! Merci encore pour tout.

    Laurie C - Jan 2014
    Nicole Rivlin has a talent for color and interior design that is beyond just being an extraordinary designer. She understands people's true personalities and lifestyles. Her color sense is a very special talent. She has the ability to do everything from an entire home to a few basic pieces or changes to a room that make big differences. Nicole worked with us to choose all the colors for our home. She also helped out getting a light fixture that transformed spaces. When it was time to change one of our children's room color she included him, at 11 years old, in the process that helped us and him make brilliant choices that fit everyone's needs. She also worked with us to help choose the colors and carpeting for our specialized swim product business. Once again she was able to translate our goals into a perfect fit.

    Julie L - Feb 2013
    Nicole, we are enjoying our bedroom/bath even more as we are slowly moving in! We just LOVE it. THANK YOU!!!

    Rick T - Aug 2013
    At a late dinner at home the other night we were admiring how well the Living Room looks now with the large drape closed and the lighting on. No more gray winters - at least inside!

    Marilyn C - Nov 2012
    What an exquisite transformation you helped us achieve with painting our house interior. There are no more white walls - HOORAY! The colors look incredibly wonderful together and I now have color in my house. It is so warm, rich and well put together. And, thanks so much for helping us to get colors in our house but not overdoing it with the colors I had originally selected on my own. Your expertise was invaluable in selecting how to paint in our very integrated house with all the rounded corners and openness, yet still achieving color. I couldn't be happier - it's been fun washing clothes in my colorful laundry room.

    Susan W - July 2012
    Thanks for all your wonderful advice on staging! Just wanted you to know that the furniture placements you suggested were made on Friday and on Sunday I wrote an offer that was accepted by the sellers!

    Linda W - Jan 2009
    What a wonderful transformation, it's very elegant and comfortable at the same time. I followed your advice to finish off the bedroom. We're happy how it turned out and it was fun using artwork that we already had.

    Diane W - May 2007
    ...quick note to say that the Powder Room looks amazing!

    Dr. Larry H (West Hills Gastro) - Jan 2007
    We are getting a lot of compliments from patients about how pleasant the office is. Great job and thank you.

    Julie W - Sept 2006
    We are loving our house colors and our furniture and fabrics so thank you so much for all your help. It all looks great!

    Diane W - Jan 2006
    I love the Dining Room windows! I saw your note and did not lower them at all. They look fantastic as they are. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of all the windows. So? when do we start on the Living Room?